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Dry Suit Gasket Repair

One method for repairing Dry Suit gaskets is shown here. Gaskets on a dry suit are a critical component and a leak or careless repair, in the wrong environment, can lead to a leak and even drowning or hypothermia. Exercise great care in doing this repair! Hope this helps you

4. Place the new ankle gasket onto the other half of the form and roll it back so that the 2 surfaces to be glued are lined up with each other as shown. Note: make sure the new gasket has sufficient fold back so that it will extend completely onto the old latex base after gluing. Contact cement doesn’t allow for repositioning!

3. After cutting away the damaged latex, turn the suit right side out and insert form half way into the ankle portion of the suit. Center the suit on the form as shown. Note: not all the old gasket is cut away; just the part that extended beyond the dry suit. The new gasket will be glued to the old gasket base. If this is the third repair then you may want to remove all of the gasket.

2. The old gasket must be removed first. Turn the suit inside out so you can see where the old gasket rubber meets the suit material (here, a Gore-Tex dry suit). Carefully and slowly cut away the old gasket using a new sharp razor blade knife. Do not cut into the suit material (white portion in picture).

1. Checking the form to make sure the fit is OK at the ankle. If it is undersized a bit of duct tape can be added to the form circumference

Left: Torn ankle gasket that needs replacing

5. Scuff both mating surfaces with fine grit sandpaper (220 Grit will do the job) and then clean the surfaces with Isopropyl alcohol. Let dry for a few minutes. Do not touch with your hands after cleaning! Turn off all phones or other distractions and paint the mating surfaces with the latex cement. Let sit for a few minutes. Some manufacturers add a second coat of cement - follow manufacturer’s directions.

6. Roll the new ankle gasket onto the base suit material. It will not slide well (if at all) so your careful work in aligning the 2 pieces prior to applying the cement (in step 4.) will now pay off. Here you see the new gasket installed and the old torn gasket side by side. Clean any stray glue spots before they harden but do not disturb the glued joint. Let it dry overnight. Carefully inspect prior to use!